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First, the thickness is divided into thin and thick (about 8 mm and 12 mm).
From the point of view of environmental protection, thin is better than thick. Because of the thinness, the rubber used per unit area is relatively small. Thick, the density is not as high as thin, the impact resistance is almost the same, but the foot feels slightly better. In fact, the difference is not big.

Second, the standard is divided into standard, wide board and narrow board <br> standard, the width is generally 191-195 mm. The length is around 1200 and around 1300. The width of the board is more than 1200 mm and the width is about 295 mm. The narrow plate has a length of 900-1000 mm and a width of substantially 100 mm. Similar to the specifications of solid wood flooring, most of them are called solid wood flooring.

The standard specifications are used by most members of the European Floor Producers Association. It is still the case now. China's import of the world's most advanced, intensive flooring processing line is also based on standard specifications. That is to say, most of the products of large-scale laminate flooring manufacturers that use imported pipeline processing are still standard specifications. There are many dealers on the market, advertised that their products are imported, often said: "There is no wide plate size and thickness of about 12 mm." It should be the most imported floor, no wide plate size and thicker size.

The wide plate specification is invented by China's intensive flooring processing enterprises in order to meet consumer demand. Its advantages look generous, and the gaps in the floor are relatively small. Most are thicker, about 12 mm. Generally, the decorative paper on the surface is made in China, and the color changes are many and flexible. The disadvantage is that the color difference is relatively large, and the UV resistance of the decorative paper is almost inferior.

The narrow plate size is also a feature of China. Solid wood flooring looks generous, too expensive, and the stability is not good; China's flooring manufacturers have created imitation solid wood flooring, watching its specifications are the same as solid wood flooring, the price is cheap, the stability is good, and the four sides are made into V-shaped grooves. In the case of false, the thickness is basically around 12 mm. It has been popular in the market for less than a year.

Third, from the surface coating is divided into aluminum oxide, melamine, piano lacquer.
Standard laminate flooring surfaces should all contain aluminum oxide wear resistant paper. It has 46 grams, 38 grams, 33 grams, and lower, directly sprayed with aluminum oxide on decorative paper. According to the state regulations, the surface wear resistance of indoor laminate flooring should be above 6,000 rpm, as long as 46 grams of wear-resistant paper is used to ensure that the requirements are met. The wear resistance of 38 grams of wear-resistant paper can reach 4000-5000 rpm; 33 grams lower; direct spraying of aluminum oxide, can reach 2000-3000 rpm is very good. The wear resistance is low, the material cost is relatively low; because of its low wear resistance, the tool cost during processing is also low. On the contrary, the wear resistance is high, and the cost itself is much higher.

The surface coating of melamine is generally used for wallboard, tabletop, etc., and is used in places where the wear resistance is not high. Such surface coated floors are referred to as "fake floors" in the flooring industry. Its wear resistance is only 300-500 rpm. If the strength is high, two or three months, the decorative paper on the surface will wear out. The standard laminate flooring will not be used for 10 years. There is no wear layer on the floor decoration paper. It looks good and clear. It feels smoother when touched by hand. This is where the layman is easy to be fooled.

The surface of the piano lacquer is actually used for lining the surface of the solid wood floor. It is made of brighter paint. This coating is far less resistant to wear than the aluminum oxide surface. Its wear resistance is low, and the solid wood flooring is currently developing in terms of high wear resistance. Unless you especially like the coating on this surface.

Fourth, from the characteristics of the floor, there are crystal face, embossed face, lock, mute, waterproof and so on.
The crystal face is basically flat. Take care of it and clean it up.
From the front, the embossed surface is no different from the crystal surface. When viewed from the side, it is touched by hand and the surface has a grainy pattern.

The seam of the lock and the floor is in the form of a lock, that is, controlling the vertical displacement of the floor and controlling the horizontal displacement of the floor; the original tongue-and-groove type, which is often referred to as the tongue-and-groove floor, can only control the vertical displacement of the floor. . Early wooden floor blocks, there are no grooves in the joints, and no displacement can be controlled, so the floor blocks are often tilted up, walking and crippling, which is inconvenient.

Silent, that is, a softwood mat or other mat similar to cork is added to the back of the floor. After using the cork mat, the noise of stepping on the floor can be reduced by more than 20 decibels (from the data of the cork mat factory), which has the effect of increasing the sense of foot, sound absorption and sound insulation. This plays a positive role in improving the comfort of the laminate floor. It is also a direction for the future development of laminate flooring.

Waterproof, in the mouth of the laminate floor, coated with waterproof resin or other waterproof material, so that the moisture outside the floor is not easy to invade, the internal formaldehyde is not easily released, making the environmental protection and service life of the floor obvious. Improve; especially in large-area laying, inconvenient to leave expansion joints, under the conditions of the pressure strip, can prevent the floor from arching and reduce the floor shrinkage.
In summary, the relief is really good; if you use the same number of wear-resistant paper, the crystal's embossed wear resistance is relatively high; the mute feel is really good, it is expensive; waterproof, good value for money The people who know its role are not many at the moment.

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