Personal digital photo album, an emerging printing market

Currently in the digital printing field, the fast growing market is the photo album market. It mainly uses digital photos to create photo albums for customers. People can upload their photos to the website of an album production company, and then print the photos there. And binding. To my surprise, most potential buyers still don't know much about this product. I found that as long as I put a made photo album on the coffee table at home, the guests will take it and watch it carefully, and express their love for it. They will say, "This must be It costs you a lot of money." But when I told them that this kind of thing was very good and very cheap, they all felt incredible. In general, the cost of making a photo album is lower than the cost of printing a photo first and then putting it into an album.
In addition, digital cameras are now as popular as mobile phones, and almost every phone has a built-in digital camera. It is understood that some modern mobile phones can even be equipped with a 5 megapixel digital camera, so that the quality of the photos they take is sufficient for general printing requirements. At the same time, the image quality of “point and shoot” has been raised to a very high level, and the demand for SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras with high resolution and true high quality lenses has also increased dramatically. Improvement. Therefore, high-quality digital images have grown. The question now is how do we handle these images? If we don't mind revealing our privacy, we can send photos to photo sharing sites such as Flickr, Snapfish, Photobox, Picasa, Smugmug, and Photobucket, or to portals such as Facebook and MySpace; if we cherish these pieces of life and are willing To revisit these happy moments in the future, you need to make these photos into albums.
This is also the main reason why digital photo albums can achieve such great development. The reason why I say this product has not attracted enough attention, not only because of my experience of leaving the album on the coffee table, but also because whenever I speak around the world and talk about digital photo albums, Both will ask the audience two questions. The question is how many of you have at least one digital camera? The answer is usually 100%; the second question is how many people have made or printed photo albums? Although I usually ask this question at a conference related to the digital printing industry, the answer has never exceeded 20%. It can be seen that digital photo album suppliers still have a considerable market to explore.
Equipment suppliers currently serving this market are primarily HP Indigo, Kodak and Xerox, with the number of digital photos produced on HP Indigo presses exploding in 2008. In addition, HP and Kodak also launched HP Snapfish and Kodak Gallery online digital photo printing services, and sold HP Indigo and Kodak Nexpress digital presses to other photo album suppliers.
Let's take a look at what digital presses are available on the market for photo album production. I personally prefer the HP Indigo press because its sales performance and customer base are relatively stable. Earlier last year, I did a survey of HP Indigo about digital print prices and visited a leading European photo album manufacturer. I was amazed when they said that HP Indigo was the only printer capable of producing digital photo albums, because as far as I know, Xerox has installed more than 50 iGen3 digital presses around the world. I remember that at Drupa last year, I talked to some of Xerox’s senior leaders. They told me that most photo album makers in Europe used to buy only HP Indigo presses and learned about Xerox. After the image quality of the iGen4 press, they also added the device to their own purchase list.
You may ask me why I want to say this. Because in the past, whenever we -- or both myself and my family -- wanted to make or buy photo albums, we chose a company with an HP Indigo press. During the drupa show, I told a digital photo album manufacturer using Xerox equipment that my daughter got married the week before drupa and I wanted to use their wedding photo as an album. He gave me a very good discount. When my daughter-in-law came back from the honeymoon, I also gave me a photo album of this kind, which was taken by a professional photographer with a Leica SLR digital camera, and on our popular HP Indigo press. For printing, frankly, I am very satisfied with the quality of this photo album.
However, when I sent my photo album printed on Drupa to my daughter and son-in-law, they didn’t even know that the photo album was printed on another device, and they also called me and said on the photo album. The picture is very clear and the colors are very bright.

So I called the supplier I met at drupa. He told me that my photo album was produced on the Xerox iGen4 press. In fact, the quality of a photo album depends not only on its production equipment, but also on the image processing software and prepress processing procedures that people use.
So, I think the quality of photo albums is a relatively speaking concept, and now all suppliers can provide customers with an acceptable print quality. The question now is which application and which printing device we should choose. The creative industry generally regards the Apple system as its own operating platform. Therefore, we should try to use Apple-specific software and photo printers. Only in this way can we dig our own bucket of gold in the digital photo album market.

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