Several furniture sizes that cannot be underestimated

The living room is the facade of the living room. The size of the furniture is also the most stringent. The sofa is equipped with a large number of coffee tables. How far is the distance for TV, etc., all have doorways. If you want to create a comfortable and coordinated space, then you can Don't look down on the numbers

TV cabinet size

200*50*180 cm

For the small-sized living room, the TV cabinet is very practical. This type of furniture is composed of squares of the same size. The department is more suitable for placing some crafts. If you want to be practical, then the length, width and height are at least minimum. It should also reach the overall height and width of the standard cabinet. The width of the wall should be at least 30 cm. The thickness of the cabinet should be at least 50 cm.

Sofa backrest height

8590 cm

The sofa is used to satisfy people's needs for relaxation, so comfort is the most important. The height can be placed on the backrest completely, so that the neck can be fully relaxed. If the back and armrests of the sofa are too low, it is recommended to add a cushion to get Comfort If the space is extraordinarily spacious, the sofa should be placed against the wall as much as possible.

Personal matching coffee table

120*70*45 cm or 100*100*45 cm

In the case of a large sofa or two couches, the short coffee table of the size is a good choice. The height of the coffee table is preferably the same as the position of the sofa cushion. The current market is more popular. The square, the material is mostly solid wood or solid wood veneer, the texture is better

Furniture maintenance should be direct

The furniture should be placed in a cool, clean, ventilated temperature and moderately light. If you need to place it near the window, you should pay attention to adjusting the curtains according to the lighting conditions to cover the direct sunlight, so as to avoid the fading of the paint film and the premature aging and deformation of the wood.

Lightly lift

When moving the furniture, take out all the west and then move it to lightly lift it, so as to prevent the furniture from loosening or damage, it should be placed smoothly after the handling. If the ground is flat, it needs to be leveled.

Avoid overweight

It is necessary to place heavy objects on the top of furniture such as large wardrobes, so as to prevent the cabinet doors from protruding, and the clothes should be piled up too much. If the cabinet doors are oversized, the items should be placed on the table or table corners to avoid causing the furniture to be stable.

Use insulation pad

Insulation mats should be used when placing wooden furniture in hot west, otherwise the table will leave white hot marks.

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