U.S. launches new portable polyester water bottle

As consumers increasingly focus on an active lifestyle, people tend to choose reusable water bottles that are suitable for cycling or carrying in the morning run. With the popularity of portable beverage packaging, consumers have some other requirements for this type of product, such as product transparency, washability, and durability.

CoolGear and Eastman have teamed up to launch the EZFREEZEFREETM product line, which uses Eastman TritanTM polyesters for beverage packaging. The reason why the material is suitable for packaging containers for products such as foods and beverages is due to its improved washability and design flexibility. The new EZFREEZEFREE product is currently available from all retailers in the United States.

Keep the coolness of the drink

CoolGear's products combine shape, color and design to provide consumers with convenience. The EZFreeze® series of bottles and storage containers use repeated freezing and thawing methods for outdoor activities. The unique antifreeze gel technology attaches the gel to the bottle cap and freezes it before use. Once the lid is covered with a frozen gel, it acts as a temporary ice cube, allowing the beverage to remain cool for a longer period of time.

Developing market innovations

With the demands of consumers on the transparency and durability of products, CoolGear also needs materials with excellent plasticity that can be made into various shapes and sizes. The EZFREEZEFREETM series products made of Eastman TritanTM polyester materials have excellent chemical resistance and low residual stress as well as excellent heat resistance and washability.

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