Composition and overall arrangement of prepress design

First, the composition of the packaging display surface mainly includes the following

The relationship between graphics and graphics;

The relationship between graphics and text;

The relationship between text and text;

The relationship between different color blocks;

The relationship between different packaging surfaces;

The relationship between the inside and outside surfaces of the packaging;

The series relationship of different packaging units;

Second, the overall layout of the packaging considerations

Pay attention to the unity of integrity

According to the concept, the performance points must be packaged with a certain overall image. There must be a basic pattern and a compositional tone, which in turn governs the specific treatment of local components.

Note the ratio of the amount of each local component such as the size of the area, the weight of the color, and the like.

Attention to connectivity

Such as symmetry, response, support, occlusion, gradient, modeling and so on.

Pay attention to the vividness of change

There is no unified basis to talk about change, no difference in the change is not uniform, the so-called change is to break through the monotony, so that the composition of the relationship is full of life.

Use differences to achieve artistic effects

Such differences include separation and integration, looseness and tightness, homogeneity and chaos, disconnection and continuity, straightness and curvature, manyness and fewness, positiveness and opposition, artfulness and ambiguity, lightness and weight, fresh and gray, light and darkness, and largeness. Small and so on.

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