19 classic advices before learning Photoshop

1 Photoshop is just a tool, don't think of it as a fetish.

2 Looking at 5 books is not as good as using your own brain to analyze an example.

3 Learning Photoshop is not difficult. The hard part is learning how to use it.

4 Do not try to master every function of photoshop, and be familiar with the most relevant part of your work.

5 Do not look down on the most basic elements. Often the more complex images appear to consist of these basic elements.

6 Don't ask: Is there a XXX tutorial - patience people will try to open photoshop on their own.

7 Don't say: Don't let me use photoshop in English. Don't let me read websites in English. I don't understand - nobody understands it.

8 Don't worry: I haven't studied fine arts. I must not use photoshop.

9 Don't just ask not to learn.

10 Learn to stick to photoshop and be patient.

11 See a tutorial for an image Try to make other images in the same way.

12 Summing up and absorbing tips and tricks from yourself and others.

13 If you have a problem, think for yourself first. Look for help. After 1 hour, there is no result and ask someone else.

14 Learn to use search engines. A lot of knowledge is easily available online.

15 It would be better to spend 10 hours doing 3 pictures than to spend 10 hours doing 10 pictures.

16. Do not always want to give meaning to the picture, look good on the line.

17 learn photoshop first master the function, and then master the method.

18 will go first and then run again.

19 Understand the above 18, you will feel that Photoshop is so.

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