The main peak of the Qinling Mountains is the Taibai Mountain, the first peak in the eastern part of China's mainland [Photos]

Mountain name: Taibai Mountain peak height: 3767 meters above sea level

Mountain Peak Introduction: The main peak of the famous Qinling Mountains in China, Taibai Mountain, is also the first peak in the eastern part of China's mainland, with an elevation of 3767 meters. The Qinling Mountain Range is a natural barrier in the South and North of China and a watershed for the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers. Taibai Mountain, as the main peak of the Qinling Mountains, is more unique in its natural and geographical conditions. Its majestic towering momentum and rapidly changing climate have given people a mysterious color since ancient times. And the literati bachelor's yearning.

The main body of Taibai Mountain is composed of massive granite bodies, which geologists call "Taibai granite." In the long history of geological development, Taibai granite has undergone structural changes, faults, and well-developed joints. Under the combined effects of various external forces, they have shaped the dangerous and strange landscapes of today's Taibai Mountain with its peaks and mountains. The high mountain area of ​​Taibai Mountain still retains a complete and varied form; the remains of the Jiji Glacier. One by one, the mountains and lakes are full of waves, lakes and mountains, and people are intoxicated. The ancients and local old people call them "God Lake," but in reality they "say the lake." These glacial lakes have long been known as "Taibai Pond Light" and "Alpine Pearl" and are listed as one of the eight views of Taibai Mountain. In the area of ​​Bah Sendai and Happy Horse, Stone River and Shihai looked awe-inspiring, and it seemed that there was a tumultuous trend that was dazzling. The unique geomorphological features of the Quaternary glaciers such as Cape Peak, Slot Valley, Ice Bucket, Ice Canopy, and Ice Step are vividly visible around the Bah Sin-Tai Ring. Therefore, Taibai Mountain is the best natural museum for the study of Quaternary Glaciers.

Taibai Mountain has beautiful scenery and charming scenery. One of the famous eight scenes in Guanzhong in “Taibai Snow and June”. In the past cold days, the top of the Taibai Peak was covered with snow all the year round. When it was midsummer, it looked out from the Guanzhong Plain. It was snowy and bright.

Taibai Mountain has a long history and is a famous mountain in China since ancient times. Xia Shangshi called "Mt. Wushan", Zhou said "Taiyi Mountain", and Wei Jin said "Taibai Mountain". The emperors of the dynasties added their titles to the king, and the footprints of the literati and the literati spread throughout the mountains and mountains of the Taibai Mountains, leaving behind a wealth of exquisite poems that praise the landscape of Taibai Mountain. Since the Tang and Tang Dynasties, Tang County, Mei County was the famous resort for health tourism in Guanzhong. Fengquan Palace, Fengquan Tang and Tangzicheng were successively built. Li Bai, Du Fu, Han Yu, Su Shi, and other celebrity scholars have also made several visits to Taibai Mountain and painted poems. “Taibai Splash Mountain” is the legend for Li Baili's poems. The famous medical scientist of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Sze, is known as the “pharmaceutical king”. For many years, he retired in Taibai Mountain to study the Chinese herbal medicines for the people in Taibai Mountain. In the Taibai Mountains, there are still left in the Taibai Mountains the armpits of the palatal medicine on the plank road. The pharmacy king's legendary story is also widely circulated in the area.

In 1991, the Taibai Mountain National Forest Park was approved by the State Forestry Department. In July 1992, the park was officially open to visitors. From then on, Taiping Mountain, who was raised in the “raising people who didn’t know”, opened the mysterious veil to people and told her legendary story. Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is located in Meixian County, the northern foot of the Taibai Mountain, the main peak of the Qinling Mountains. The park covers an area of ​​2,949 hectares, including 10 scenic spots and more than 180 scenic spots. The altitude of the park is from 620 meters to 3511 meters. It is the highest national forest park in China.

The Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is dominated by forest landscapes, with the Cangshan Qifeng as the skeleton and the Bianchi Bitan as the veins, with cultural relics and historical sites interspersed. It constitutes a landscape that is harmonized with dynamic landscapes, and integrates natural and human landscapes. Animated volumes, here the mountains and rivers overlap Tsui, a beautiful scenery, quiet lakes and magnificent mountains and rivers, Jingliuxi crystal clear and translucent, smoke vast, spit beads splash jade, strange peaks, such as plastic painting. In one of them, the canyon stands, and the stone trail runs back. Ancient Maple hangs overcast and deep in the gully. In spring, the vegetation is spit green and flowers are blooming; in the midsummer, the shade is shaded and breezy; the golden autumn, the string of mountains and fruit, and the maple leaf are lovely; the winter, the jade tree is silver and the hot spring is mist. The "Feng Quan Shen Ze" and "Yue Dong Xianyin", one of the eight sceneries in Mei County, will make people feel happy; the legendary "Tang Zi Cheng," "Erlang Pavilion," "Kiu Kiln," and "Goddess The monument will introduce you into the beautiful world of fairy tales; Shengong stone, splash ink hill, paradise, opening days and seven female peaks will make you immersed in the world. Here, not only one mountain and one water, one ditch, one peak and one stone are very chic and beautiful. Even the trees, flowers and trees on the mountain are all wonderful and magical.

The huge height difference has formed a clear vertical distribution of climate, flora and fauna within the Taibai Mountain National Forest Park. In the mountainous region between 620 and 3,511 meters above sea level, climatic belts, plant belts, and animal belts that are only found within thousands of kilometers of the Earth are distributed, and three plant belts, seven plant belts, and 15 plant belts are formed. Vegetation group vertical distribution band spectrum. From the bottom to the top, it is divided into five landscape forest belts: pine forest landscape forest, birch forest landscape forest, fir forest landscape forest, deciduous birch forest landscape forest, and alpine shrub landscaping forest with clear boundaries and vivid colors.

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park has a wide variety of origins and ancient origins. It is a natural species gene bank and is known as the "Asian Natural Botanical Garden" and "China Natural Zoo". Under the combined effects of complex and changeable landform factors and specific cosmic factors in Taibai Mountain, Taibai Mountain endemic species and new species have been developed, such as Taibai Sequoia, Meiliu, Taibai, Taibai Aconitum, Taibai Fritillaria, Too white honeysuckle and so on. There are 1850 species of seed plants in the park. Due to the ancient nature of the forest vegetation in Taibai Mountain, there are many rare species and species of eel. It is a national second-class protected plant of Taibai Sequoia, Aquagreen, Lilium, White Mountain, Eucommia, Unicorn, Stargrass, and Large Fruit. There are 9 kinds of green rods, narrow leaf, and small grass. There are 11 types of protection tree species, namely Miaotai, Qianjin, Lingchun, Purple Peony and Trillium. The abundant forest resources and complex natural environment of the Taibai Mountain National Forest Park provide a good place for wildlife to thrive. It is a natural paradise for rare birds and animals. There are more than 1690 kinds of forest animals and insects in the park, among which the animals of the first class national protection include three kinds of golden monkeys, giant pandas and takins. The second type of protected animals are clouded leopards, leopards, red-bellied horned owls, pygmy antelopes, big pheasants and so on. 7 kinds. The preserved natural landscape and good ecological environment of Taibai Mountain National Forest Park provide a good place for people to return to nature. The dense virgin forest can effectively regulate the climate, absorb carbon and oxygen, eliminate smoke and dust, absorb toxic gases, kill bacteria, silence sound insulation, purify water sources, and beautify the environment to transform human living environment. As determined by the Xi'an Medical University Teaching Office and the Taibai Mountain National Forest Park Management Office, the daily average concentration of negative air ions in the Taibai Mountain Forest Park is 15000/cm3 and the highest value is 25000/cm3. It is a natural oxygen bar for forest bathing. The natural mineral water wells in the park have a water temperature of 70.9°C. The water contains more than 20 kinds of mineral components and trace elements beneficial to the human body. It is a high-quality medical mineral water and has a variety of skin diseases, rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases, and digestive diseases. Good effect.

Walking through the park, stepping on greenery, Lin Haiyan, dense shade, bright sunshine through the crowns of umbrellas, golden light spots flooding the winding trails; whistling mountain winds sweeping over the tops of the trees, distant The voice of appeal echoed in the forest. At the foot of the road, there is a winding road and a winding path. The birds sang in their ears and the worms played on the edge of the river. Or take a cable car ride through the forest, overlooking the green mountains, stacked layers, waterfalls and streams, pleasant scenery. Looking at the green grass, birds and flowers, and dancing, the scenery is tempting. At this moment, the sense of extraordinaryness arises spontaneously. The quiet and deep forest, fresh and moist air, how intoxicated and fascinated.

Through nearly 10 years of development and construction, the Taibai Mountain National Forest Park has made great progress in the construction of tourism infrastructure and the development and construction of scenic attractions. It has become the leading industry of Baoji tourism, and it was listed as the first batch of Shaanxi provinces. One of the eight tourist attractions in the province. At present, the Taibai Mountain Tourist Area has invested nearly RMB 700 million in tourism and related industries, and has become a supporting service system for eating, housing, transportation, shopping, shopping, and entertainment. There are more than 20 hotels and restaurants in the area, more than 5,000 beds, and more than 120 swimming and recreational facilities. They have become a tourist attraction integrating tourism, vacation, leisure, entertainment, teaching and scientific investigation in the tourism of Shaanxi West Line. .


(1) Pulling the Immortals - Also known as the Baxian Palace, with an elevation of 3767.2 meters. It stands above the peaks of the Qinling Mountains. It is the top of the Taibai Mountain. It resembles an irregular triangular pyramid, solitary sorghum, towering clouds, steep on three sides. The risk is extremely high. The top of the platform is broad and flat. It is inclined to the southwest and narrow in width and width to the west. The area is about 8.4 hectares. On the stage there are the Great Seal of God, the Temple of Thunder, and the view from the summit. There is a sense of "list of small hills." As early as the sunrise, watching the sunset at night, the brilliance, the radiant glow, it is refreshing.

(2) Millennium Ice Cave - On the cliff face east of the Unye Sea, there is a "ice hole that is not melted for thousands of years." Inside the cave, there is ice all year round and the cold is pressing like a "natural ice pool." Many tourists come here to climb the cliff into the hole, icicles, ice tables, ice towers, dazzling, thousands of scenes. Tourists often take the ice of the mountains as a great pleasure, and some also take them to the mountains to show off.

(3) Tianchi Pearl - There are 6 mountain lakes at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level. It is a glacial relict of Ice Bucket Lake, Glacial Lake, and Ice Corrosion Lake. The water surface is 1000--8000m2. The lake is calm, rippling blue waves, crystal clear and clean. No miscellaneous, India reflected the moon, beaded and arranged in the north and south of Sendai, known as "the Pearl of the Mountains" and "too daytime pool". The lake is often surrounded by white birds in the Baiding Stream. It is agile and screaming. It is not afraid to see people. It flies over the water and takes the grass and leaves in the lake. It is known as the "net fisher bird" and the "clean water boy".

(4) Taibai Snow Cover - Taibai Mountain has snow-covered all year round. It is peculiar and spectacular. It has always been praised by literati. From spring to autumn, the wildflowers in the middle and low mountains are in full bloom. They are red and red, the leaves are red and the fire is bright, the branches are hanging, the mountains are covered with snow, and the silver is shining. The hundred miles are visible. It is exceptionally magnificent. "The story."

(5) Glacier Rocks - At 3300 meters above sea level, there are peaks, ridges, troughs, seas, rocks, stone rings, stone roses, frozen-rock columns, etc. of Quaternary glaciers. In a variety of ways, if a bird is a beast, it seems like people are immortal.

(6) Vertical Landscape - The vegetation, climate, soil, and animals of the Taibai Mountains are all changed at an altitude, showing a distinct vertical landscape spectrum. The forest vegetation has 8 landscape belts from the bottom up: the cork oak landscape forest belt (below the altitude of 1,300 meters), the sharp gingival landscape forest belt (1300-1800 meters above sea level), and the forest belt of the Liaodong Mountain landscape (1800-2300 meters above sea level). The birch forest belt (elevation 2300-2600 meters above sea level), birch birch forest belt (elevation 2500--3000 meters), Bashan fir forest belt (elevation 2800-3200 meters), Taibai Sequoia forest belt (elevation 3000--3500 m), Alpine shrub meadow landscape belt (above 3400 meters above sea level). You can also feel the different climate landscapes from the warm to the frigid zone, and you can also see the rare birds and animals in the landscape.

(7) Ping An Yunhai - Taibai Mountain Qianfeng Jingxiu, Ten Thousand Clouds, Clouds in the middle-alpine area are common clouds, especially the most spectacular clouds. Around Pingan Temple, the canyons are deep and quiet, the mountains and rivers are full of mountains and rivers, and the clouds are tumbling. The fields are filled with waves. The peaks are like islands, and the ridges are like flying boats. When the time is hidden, there are endless changes. The landscape is immersive and there is a sense of despondency.


Taibai Mountain, is the main peak of the Qinling Mountains - the place where the legendary Zhang Guolao was born and raised. Its altitude is 3767.2M. Taibai Mountain is also a famous Taoist temple. There are many routes to the mountain. The North Slope (Mei County) is a scenic tour of Taibai Mountain. District (starting from Tangyu), Nanpo is Taibai Mountain Nature Reserve. Friends who want to hike Taibai Mountain should pay attention to the following itinerary and route conditions.

1, from Xi'an to Zhou Zhi, a lot of cars a day.

2. From Zhouzhi to Houzi 90KM, of which there are approximately 80km of mountain roads, the road conditions are very good, and the self-driving car can completely reach the rear. The shuttle only operates between 8:30 and 9:00 in the morning, departing from a large yard on the side of the Post and Telecommunications Hotel. If you do not catch up, you can only charter.

3, more than 20 kilometers after the distance is the Heihe Forest Park, the vehicle here to pay 20 yuan per toll, each person must pay 20 yuan tickets. However, we can talk about the price. When we drove in, four people and one car should have paid 100 yuan, and finally paid 60 yuan. Even if you take the shuttle bus, the tickets are inevitably lost, and the people there know it. Because we had to go back and collect the car, the person who called the ticket was noted on the ticket. We need to go back and forth, so we don't need to repeat the ticket purchase when we enter the mountain. As a result, the driver of the chartered vehicle dropped 5 yuan toll and passed the fare. Of course, the Donkey may consider walking from here to thick hazelnuts. It is estimated that the time of the day is almost one day. It would be a pity to sell tickets without looking at them.

4, after the arrival of many places, you can live in the "farmhouse" - is the farm house 10 / person, there is a hotel to talk about the price of 70-80 yuan between the double standard room can handle, after the guest house ordinary triple room 20 / People, it is recommended to eat something, FB, it is difficult to eat hot things on the mountain, and at the same time to contact the guide. It is dangerous for Taibai Mountain to have no guides. There are many roads. Although there are road signs on the road, the most places have more than 10 roads. The route of takins migration is wider and flatter than that of people. It also requires a guide to help find water. This year 5.1, there was a Shanghai donkey who lost his way to frozen S in the mountains! ! The cost of the tour guide: Do not help things, pack food, wrap (and we squeeze tents) do not provide sleeping bags, they generally just a military coat, 50 yuan / day (lowest price).

Climate issues:

There is a clear vertical distribution of climate, flora and fauna within the Taibai Mountain National Forest Park. In the mountainous region between 620 and 3,511 meters above sea level, climatic belts, plant belts, and animal belts that are only found within thousands of kilometers of the Earth are distributed, and three plant belts, seven plant belts, and 15 plant belts are formed. Vegetation group vertical distribution band spectrum. From the bottom to the top, it is divided into five landscape forest belts: pine forest landscape forest, birch forest landscape forest, fir forest landscape forest, deciduous birch forest landscape forest, and alpine shrub landscaping forest with clear boundaries and vivid colors. Summer is the peak season for tourism. Under normal circumstances, you can go without any extra equipment but the snow on the top of the mountain is very cold. You need a down coat! Winter Taibai beauty is worth visiting! ! ! But do a good job of freezing and freezing! ! ! Gloves hat headscarf down is essential! ! !

Strongly recommended route:

From Houzizi up the mountain to the old road, the road to the mountain is slowly rising, there are only two obvious rising sections in the middle, a total of 3--4 miles; take the new road probably spans 10 to 20 streams, can save more than 10 In the journey, but over the stream to take the single-plank bridge, or from under the bridge, the stone is slippery, pay attention to safety, a Nanjing MM slipped, the jaw blew a hole. The new road will go through Liulipo (a continuous rise of around six miles). There are more obvious rises along the way, more weight, or friends who are disgusted with the rise suggest to choose the old road.

Accommodation problem:

The choice of the campsite should be communicated to the guide as much as possible, choosing camps that can burn fire and have water sources. Some camps are water-free sources, some camps are not allowed to have a campfire (in the nature reserve), and some camps are in the tuyere. Therefore, the daily schedule should be fully planned with the guide before going uphill. In some camps, it is necessary to charge the bills, and 20 yuan per tent, or the price, we are 10 yuan per tent. One thing to note is that people in the mountains recognize death and talk about ways and means. Some camps have ready-made sheds and bedding to provide accommodation, such as Yaowangdian, Nantianmen, Dayehai, and Wengong Temple (big and small). We stay at the ticket office of the Taibai Mountain Nature Reserve between Wengong Temple and Shangbansi, about 3,400 meters. RMB 30/person is a pass shop. There is a quilt for two people and the floor price is 30 yuan/person. The price is the same. 25 yuan/person. There was no way to get a tent in that place because it was a tuyere. It snowed that evening. There is no guard on Bah Sendai and you can stay. You need to tent yourself in the temple. However, there is no water source. You must take water from the following Yehai Sea, and there is no way to make a bonfire.

Ticket issues:

After climbing from the southern slope of the mountain, it is because it is Taibai Mountain Nature Reserve, so you need to buy tickets for 20 yuan/person, you can also say that the price is about 10 people to buy 8 tickets, look at the ability. From the North Slope, Tangyi is downhill, because the Taibai Mountain Scenic Area is underneath, and you need to buy tickets for 50 yuan per person. From there, there are very FB tourists, and people go down one day, so donkeys attract people. Attention will be checked and the ticket will be required. Therefore, we managed a few tickets for local tourists and saved 50 yuan. On the contrary, from the North Slope, not only will it be necessary to purchase a ticket for 50 yuan/person scenic spot, but also the ticket office at the Taibai Mountain Nature Reserve between Shangbansi and Wen Gongmiao, as well as a 20 yuan/person nature reserve ticket. Not too good to escape.

Equipment problems:

Ordinary two-story three-quarter tent can handle (unless you have to go up in winter), three-quarter sleeping bag is a bit cold. Even the sleeping bag is known as the best in the three-quarter sleeping bag, but at night he wakes up and finds that only his chest is hot. Gas stove or alcohol stove to bring, you can burn some hot water, but boiled things hanging point, where the altitude is high, the water is boiling 80 degrees, the noodles on the mountain are pressure cookers, really exaggerated. Rain-proof and non-slip boots are necessary. Snow will fall on the mountain, and the road will be more slippery. It is true that it is snow-white in June and June. It also needs jackets, trousers, and fleece pants. The temperature in the mountains is relatively low; The cover is also necessary, because the place where the altitude is low will rain, this time we are met with rain and snow, if you find the sleeping bag in the backpack is wet at night, then you definitely don't sleep; the lighting tool - the headlight must Although I have not advocated walking through the night, I was forced to walk twice. Lighting tools are very important in the mountains. There are containers for water storage. There are no water sources in some sections of the mountains. Therefore, we must bring sufficient water. I personally think that Each person at least reserves 1.5L of water; the mobile phone is better prepared, easier to contact, and there is no signal on the mobile phone on the mountain. It is said that about 4 signal towers will be built in 2003. At that time, you can fully cover it. Anyway, I passed 4 days. Day of communication.

Supply problem:

Some accommodations along the way are people, these places can make up for water and food, but the price is high, 8-10 yuan / bowl of noodles, 8-10 yuan / pot of boiling water; there is no electricity on the mountain, also It is impossible to take a bath (water is too cold, it is open air) and I stink for 4 days. Only thick hazelnuts or soup can be fully replenished. Don't forget to bargain.


You can consider more than 40 kilometers of walking from Shimbungsa Temple to Tangkuo. In about two days, you can stay and replenish along the way. The scenery is also wonderful. There are also plank roads or something, because it was originally Taibai Mountain Scenic Area. Take a coach (Chinese-Pakistani) down to Tangyi, 15 yuan/person, there is a bus back to Xi'an in Tangxi. In the evening there are also many coaches (CMB) directly sending Xi'an from under the Xia Ban Temple. You can also go to Tanghwa Hot Springs, FB, where the hot springs have been known since ancient times, or how to call soup soup it!

We took a three-wheel motorbike from Tangyi to the Hongqu two people for a total of 7 yuan, and then we replaced the CMB at the Honghe Canal, as if it were 3--5 yuan/person. We returned to Zhouzhi to collect the thick hazelnuts from Zhou Zhibao. Do not forget, Zhou Zhi but the origin of kiwi, you can replenish some, I was 0.8 yuan / kg to buy a box of ah.

There are many lines on the Taibai Mountain. Some people say that from the Dusitou Gate, the scenery is not bad. Of course, friends who like culture can also go uphill from places with more Taoism, or go down and choose a lot. It is said that in mid-June, the rhododendron on the mountain blossomed, and it was a beautiful scene!

Humanities introduction:

Taibai National Forest Park is named after Taibai Mountain. The famous poet Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty had a eternal chant “Difficult Road”, and wrote in the poem: “The chanting (mouth game) is a danger to the sorghum.” “The Xidang Taibai has a bird path and can stop the moth.” Destroyed the warriors and died, and then the ladders are stacked together. There are six dragons returning to the highest mark of the sky, and there is a wave of reversed back to the river. The yellow cranes are not allowed to fly, and they are eager to climb.” Where are the majestic places? It is Taibai Mountain.

When was Taibai Mountain named? Why such a name? There are no systematic research materials. According to the records of Qing Yi Zhi Zhi, Feng Xiang Fu Zhi and Mei Xian Zhi, Taibai Mountain had its name changed. The earliest days of the period were named "swallows," meaning the inexhaustible treasures God gave. The Eastern Han Dynasty writer Dong Fang once commented that “Jade, gold, silver, copper, iron, Yuzhang, Tanjung, and Baiwang can all be given, and all people can rely on it”. It is the country and the people that can obtain mineral resources and forest resources from there. Later, in the Han Dynasty, it was renamed "Taiyi Mountain" ("Chinese Geography"). "Taiyi" is a term used in the ancient theory of astrology. Taoists believe that the twenty-eight places around the Big Dipper, the Big Dipper rotate around the celestial stars, the brightest star in the celestial stars is the emperor, that is Taiyi. The emperor is in the position of the four-party system and constitutes the purple temple of the temple. Taiyi, also known as Tai Chi, represents a kind of philosophical pursuit and an ideal of human beings, in which yin and yang are in harmony, complement each other, and are mutually exclusive, highly perfect, and highly stable. The ancients referred to Taibai Mountain as Taiyi Mountain, showing how worshipped it is. Taibai Mountain was named after the Wei and Jin Dynasties. "Wei Shu Geography" records: "At the beginning of the Venus fall Guifeng (mountain name, in the southeast of Hu County) West, the refinement of the white stone if the United States and jade, when purple covered, so the name Taibai Mountain." Of course, is the legend. In fact, the meaning of being too white is very simple and clear. It is a very high meaning. White means the snow on the mountain all year round. Both "Taiyi" means the supreme beauty, but also outlines the outstanding features of Taibai Mountain's natural scenery.

Due to the grandeur and mystery of Taibai Mountain, she was regarded as a god of feudal ruling class. "Water Sutra Note" records that when Emperor Han became built on the Taibai Mountain. Taoism has thirty-six holes in the sky and Taibai Mountain has been sealed as the eleventh hole. During the Tang Tianbao years, the closure of Taibai Mountain was a spirit. In the five years of Song Huangyou, Taibai Mountain was closed by Jimin Hou. In the 39th year of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, Taibai God was appointed as the spiritual prince, and the imperial edict was “Golden Elf Ze”. In Guanzhong, folks have always followed the custom of worshipping Taibai God. When the drought hits, it is too white to ask for rain. In 1900, Emperor Guangxu and the Empress Dowager Cixi took refuge in Xi'an, which coincided with a drought in Guanzhong and dispatched ministers to hike in spring to Taibai Mountain. After the rain, the Cichlid Mountain climber restored to the official booth. Because of narrow roads, the elevator car could not go forward and return.

Taibai Mountain is considered as an ideal environment for cultivation by respecting the past and the past and respecting the gods. Thousands of years of accumulation have formed a very rich cultural landscape. The cultural landscape of Taibai Mountain can be roughly divided into three categories. The first is the Taoist Temple Cave. Such as Wengong Temple, Zhongshan Temple, Pingan Temple, Xiaji Temple, Shangyu Temple, Zhonglu Ping, Guiguzidong, burdock and so on. The second is the relics of the emperors and celebrities who lived after the emperors, such as the Tang Palace, the Imperial Martial Arts, the government office, and the drunk stone. The third is the poems, books, legends, etc. of the Taibai Mountains.

On June 19, 1991, comrade Li Ruihuan, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, accompanied by leaders of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, made a special trip to inspect the Taibai National Forest Park under construction. He praised: “In the north of the Yangtze River in China, the momentum is so strong. The beauty of the landscape is so great that the value of scientific research is so high that natural landscapes so close to big cities are rare.”

Taibai Mountain four great views:

Temple Temple Cloud Sea

Butterfly Sea


Lake on the Taibai Mountain

Taibai Mountain is the main peak of the Qinling Mountains and is one of the higher mountains in China. Shaanxi Guanzhong Eight Views have the saying "Taibai Snow and June Heaven". Taibai Mountain has magnificent scenery and unique scenery.

At an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level, there are 6 mountain lakes, which are glacial relics of Ice Bucket Lake, Glacial Lake, and Ice Corrosion Lake. The water surface is 1000--8000m2. The lake is calm, the waves are blue, clear and clean, clean and free from miscellaneous. It is beaded and arranged in the north and south of Bah Sin Tai. It is known as the "Pearl of the High Mountains," and "too daylight pool." The lake is often surrounded by white birds in the Baiding Stream. It is agile and screaming. It is not afraid to see people. It flies over the water and takes the grass and leaves in the lake. It is known as the "net fisher bird" and the "clean water boy".

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