KAILAS Women's Sweatshirt Experience Report

KG22203 Women's Sweatshirt

The main performance index

made in China

Size: L

Color: blue

product description

The use of ultra-fine fleece fabrics provides a soft and delicate feel. Combined with the flat seam technology, it reduces the friction between the sutures and the body and improves the comfort of wearing. Tailored cuts can be worn separately in the autumn, and are more suitable as inner warm clothing. This product is better worn with close-fitting trousers, lightweight and soft, is the best alternative to heavy sweaters and pants in autumn and winter.

actual use

Autumn is coming, the weather is cold, wearing a fleece is a good choice

Blue is my favorite, especially this light blue, and like the autumn sky, people feel refreshed at a glance and have a lot of spirits.

The texture is fine fleece, the hand feels very soft and elastic, and the seams inside are really well handled. No foreign body sensation is felt when it touches the body. It is comfortable to wear on the body, just like holding a bear. Special mention was made by the designer to be careful and to prevent the neck from becoming uncomfortable, a separate velveteen cloth was added to the collar.

Everyone knows that going out to play takes a lot of things and the burden is very heavy. For ALICE, if you can reduce the weight of the backpack is the best thing, and this grab fleece is very light, it is estimated that only 200 grams, very Suitable for hiking, camping donkey.

Although I was short, I was a little fat, so I chose an L number and wore it a little longer. The sleeves could only be lifted by an inch. However, from the back, it was quite acceptable, and it might be waist. The reason for the design.

The warmth of this fleece is also good, the use of a hedge head design, alone wear, it will not have a cold chest feeling, if you wait a few days to cool some, as the inner layer of warm clothing is also very suitable.

After two days of wear, I went home to wash and wash. After washing, I can't play the ball. I won't be very sparse.

The price of this dress is only 128 yuan, personal feeling of high cost.

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