Plastic bottle packaging milk is more attractive

According to a lecture from the University of Wisconsin in the United States, “Milk from plastic bottles looks 'taste better'.” Chocolate-flavored milk looks 'smooth' and does not spill out when the bottle lid is opened. A few days ago, some American students described their “milk view.” According to reports, the Wisconsin Milk Market Committee and the Swiss Valley Dairy Farm are introducing “seemingly sweeter” carton milk packaging and personalized plastic packaging. Understand that the National Milk Committee of the United States has launched a national “new look for school milk” program, which has increased the milk consumption of junior and senior high school students in the United States from 75 to 100 containers per day. Sales of three bottles of milk and sugar-sweetened beverages have fallen, and the responsible person said that the “more attractive packaging” plan will increase the consumption of milk. From an environmental perspective, plastics are also more popular than traditional cartons because of the overall plastics. The containers are recyclable, including the bottle caps, and a study by the National Milk Commission paid careful attention to packaging.” The facts have repeatedly proved that children drink milk from plastic bottles more than they drink from cartons. Much more. "Plastic milk bottles are suitable for junior high school students and high school students, and many secondary schools have begun to replace milk cartons with plastic bottled milk. It is predicted that the milk bottle program will quickly spread across American schools."

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Designer / Innovation Clock

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